Spin T7000 Disposable Rechargeable Vape

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Introducing SPIN T7000: The Ultimate Disposable Vape with a Playful Twist!

Experience the perfect blend of relaxation and enjoyment with the all-new SPIN T7000 disposable vape. Designed to cater to your vaping needs like never before, this innovative device features a unique and playful feature that sets it apart from the rest. Get ready to destress and delight in every puff as you spin the small wheels on your vape!

With the SPIN T7000, vaping becomes an immersive experience. The small, easy-to-use wheels on the device bring a touch of fun and interactivity to your vaping sessions. Simply spin the wheels with your fingertips and feel the stress melt away. It's a perfect way to add a bit of playfulness to your day, all while enjoying the smooth and satisfying vapor.

But that's not all! SPIN T7000 offers a tantalizing array of mixed fruit flavors that will tantalize your taste buds and keep you coming back for more. Indulge in the succulent sweetness of mixed fruits that burst with flavor in every inhale. From luscious berries to exotic tropical blends, each puff will transport you to a paradise of deliciousness.

Unlock the joy of spinning, savor the delectable mixed fruit flavors, and enjoy the long-lasting 7000 puffs. It's time to embark on a vape journey like no other. Try the SPIN T7000 today and discover a new way to vape with pleasure!


Name: SPIN T7000

Liquid Capacity: 14ml 

Puff count: Up to 7000

Battery: 550mAh

Coil: Mesh Coil

Rechargeable: Yes 

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