The fifth-generation Phantom of Relx still uses RELX’s labyrinth airway, 11-layer labyrinth structure, blocks condensate, ventilates and separates oil, and further independently isolates and finely controls the gas exchange and air pressure compensation modules in the atomizer. After brutal negative pressure and hot and cold shock tests, the Phantom's oil leakage prevention ability has improved by 40% compared with RELX's previous products. In order to provide a stable and smooth user experience, RELX has designed the air channel for gas transmission through fluid mechanics and dynamic analysis.

The advantages of Relx five generations of Phantom products:

1. While the functions are increased, there is also a comfortable experience: ten upgrades of visible and invisible innovations, which comprehensively improve the product power. , product safety, service life, product feel and other ten performance aspects have been improved and upgraded, and product strength has been comprehensively improved;
3. Atomization effect: The power of the 5th generation machine is larger than that of the 4th generation machine, the amount of smoke is larger, the suction resistance is smaller, and the throat irritation is smaller, which means that the 5th generation machine consumes more fuel, and the addiction relief effect is higher than that of the fourth generation machine. Generation is worse.
4. Battery life: 380mAh, the same TYPE-C charging interface, but does not support wireless charging; the official said RELX 5th generation-Phantom, a new product with a 9% increase in battery capacity and a 31% increase in charging efficiency
5. The pods of RELX 5th Phantom and RELX 4th generation are infinitely compatible, which is the first time it has appeared on RELX products, which is a big surprise

Disadvantages of Relx five generations of Phantom products:

1. There are no exclusive flavored pods, and there is no flavor mark on the pods;
2. The gap between the pod and the pod is slightly larger (patients with obsessive-compulsive disorder can't stand it)
3. Insufficient production capacity, so far there are still large-scale shortages and out-of-stock phenomena

The fourth generation of Relx is more like an enhanced version of the first generation, and the cost performance is also very high. Of course, there are also many dazzling improvements! More comfortable to use.

Advantages of Relx four generations of unlimited products:

1. Frosted hand feel, round appearance, small and charming, more hand feeling, won the international design award
2. The price of a single shot is 279, and there are the same number of cartridges as the first generation, 1 box of 3 cartridges (2ml), which is very cost-effective
3. Super long labyrinth airway, super anti-leakage and condensate
4. The taste has improved in the first generation, and the taste is more comfortable and mellow
5. 15-port vibration reminder, Type-c charging port, battery reminder, pods can be plugged in front and back
6. The highlight is the unlimited charging box for accessories, which is equivalent to the storage box + charging treasure, which can charge the cigarette rod 3-4 times, which is convenient and compelling!

Disadvantages of Relx four generations of unlimited products:

1. The paint surface of the fuselage is thin, and it is easy for the fuselage to fall off when it is bumped or worn, which affects the appearance.
2. The biggest problem is the lack of supply, the fourth generation of pods are often out of stock, and the supply is not as good as
3. The number of flavors in the fourth generation is relatively small. Although they are all popular flavors, there are not many taste experiences and most of them need to be purchased at an increased price.

The classic version of the Relx generation adopts a button-free design, magnetic suction technology, plug and play, and throw away after use. The empty switch is very sensitive.

Advantages of the Relx generation of classic products:

1. Tobacco rod material: aluminum alloy material with high strength and good tolerance, weight 17g
2. The material of the cigarette holder: the shell material is PCTG, the material of Eastman in the United States, which is mostly used for aviation cups, feeding bottles, etc. Resistant to high temperatures and will not release toxic substances
3. The atomizing core is Smol's FEELM ceramic core, which is soft and smooth, and the cartridge capacity is 2ml

Disadvantages of Relx generation classic products:

1. The cigarette rod is smooth and easy to fall and lose; the usb interface
2. The straight flue design has more condensate and more oil leakage from the cartridge (there were many problems of oil leakage, core paste, and no smoke in the initial stage, and now the quality control has been improved a lot)
3. Insufficient sense of technology and user interaction experience, no power reminder, vibration, Bluetooth and other functions; a review of RELX's first-generation classic models can be regarded as RELX's founding hero, which is inseparable from the high cost performance of the first generation. Many, sufficient quantity, convenient and practical.


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