I don’t know if you are tired of American e-juice, so come and try the Canadian e-juice next door to the United States, and have a different experience.

Twelve monkey takes you into the vaping steam of Canada.
The twelve monkey company employs sophisticated laboratory equipment and superb craftsmanship. Before each e-liquid is released, the e-liquid will be awakened three weeks in advance, so that the e-liquid will have a more consistent flavor. While this may limit the quantity of e-liquid, quality trumps quantity

Just a few flavors:


We know that some animals have a sweet tooth, and kanzi is the taste of the best candy. Sweet strawberries, tangy and juicy watermelon, and sweet and sour kiwi fruit fusion is what has to be the most disturbing candy. Mouthwatering candy juices, the perfect accompaniment, kanzi is undoubtedly the best summer dessert choice.


Tropical is another way of life in the Caribbean, where mangabey monkeys roam freely among the woods under the bright sunshine of the archipelago's coastline. A refreshing blend of pineapple, guava and mango fruit accents, it's definitely the perfect tropical companion to a warm day. Unique Caribbean specific fruits give your island lifestyle a taste!


Exotic tropical fruit, the most pleasing juice for human beings. Sip a cup quietly, your taste buds are on vacation in your exotic country, but you can't tell what fruit it is

The smoke liquid from twelve monkey is definitely the best choice for you to experience different styles. Delicious fruit, exploding your taste buds, like falling into the clouds.


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