RELX Pro Vape Pods - Compatible Relx Infinity

Flavours :
RELX Pro Pods are the preferred choice for RELX devices, offering a diverse and extensive range of flavors that cater to consumers' diverse preferences, making them a beloved option among vaping enthusiasts.


1.Blue Gems

Dewy fresh and bursting with richness!

A delightful blend of juicy blueberry finished with a refreshingly light cool exhale.


2.Dark Sparkle

Freshen up your day with this classic taste of cola!

Imagine drinking an iced cold one on a hot summer day finished off with a refreshing minty exhale


3.Forest Gems

“If there was a berry taste like this, bursting with wonders of the forest”

Sweet and a bit of sour, comes with special smoothness, it tastes like all the berries you can come up with, while better than all the them.


4.Fresh Red

“Very summery and cooling, it feels a bite of summer”

A cooling taste for the peak of summer. This simple yet flavourful fusion of watermelon with a welcome hint of menthol.


5.Garden's Heart

“Icy fresh and mildly cooling. It feels romantic”

So fresh, it’s like it was picked straight from the garden. It all begins with a subtle milky note before the full-bodied flavour of strawberry takes the lead.

6.Golden Crystal

One for tea lovers! This RELX Infinity exclusive flavor, Golden Crystal Honey Pomelo Tea, features sweet and subtle notes of honey tea infused with juicy and ripe flavors of pomelo finished with a refreshing exhale of mint.


7.Golden Slice

The ripest and juiciest of tropical flavour for your vaping delight.

A pleasant flavour with fragrant aroma takes you to the sunny tropical forest, satisfying your tastebuds.


8.Hawaiian Sunshine

“It reminds me of the best tropical flavours”

Fully delivered amazing pineapple flavour that amazes gustation and catches fondness immediately.


9.Jasmine Green Tea

"One for tea lovers!"  

Jasmine Green Tea features authentic flavors of a hot cup of fresh jasmine green tea. 

10.LUDOU Ice

“Very cooling and tasty, dive into Asian summer.”

By capturing the rich and earthy flavours of mung bean, this flavour is a masterful blend with lasting cooling. Complex notes come together to achieve a coordinating balance with each puff.

11.Mellow Melody
Mellow out with this melodic blend of flavors! RELX Classic Pod Mellow Melody features a sweet blend of honeydew melons finished off with a refreshing taste.

12.Menthol Plus

“The coolness of the very first puff is unforgettable. The fragrant aroma lingers”

The cooler, stronger sentations of freshness powered by menthol.

13.Orchard Rounds

Sweet & cooling peach – Peach 

Picked at it’s peak with an authentic, fresh finish.

14.Palm Rounds

If you like pina coladas,  And gettin' caught in the rain ~ RELX Infinity Palm Rounds Pineapple Coconut delivers a tropical punch of flavors with its perfect combination of pineapple and coconut flavors finished with a nice mint finish.


15.Purple Snow

For you taro milk tea lovers! It's an accurate rendition of your favourite boba flavor. Creamy taro aromatic flavors finished off with a refreshing exhale of mint.

16.Raspy Ruby

“Sweet raspberry flavour that’s amazingly refreshing”

The raspberry taste lingers with a subtle cooling feel.

17.Rich Tobacco

“It starts robust and aromatic, yet feels very smooth and doesn’t cause any discomfort in my throat.”

Unlike conventional e-liquid tobacco flavours, which taste flat or lack authenticity, Rich Tobacco uses concentrated extracts with refined aromatic components to present a genuine tobacco taste, with rich nutty notes.

18.Sunny Sparkle

You’ll never get bored of this orange fizzy flavor! Sunny Sparkle features fresh fizzy flavors of your favorite can of orange packed in a pod topped off with a slight refreshing exhale of mint.

19.Tangy Purple

“It feels cooling and slightly tangy, busting with sophistication .”

It’s precise complexity delivers a fresh taste that unfolds slowly, with a lingering fragrance.

18.White Freeze

White Freeze RELX Pod is similar to your favorite white freezie on a hot summer day. A perfectly sweet and refreshing vape with a touch of menthol.

19.Zesty Menthol

Lemon Lime Mint

A spirited blend of cooling tangy lemon and lime freshness

“The coolness of the very first puff is unforgettable. The fragrant aroma lingers”

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