LEMON DROP ICE 20mg/30ml E-Juice&Salt Nics

Flavours :


Lemon Drop's lemon juice-based e-liquid, blended with a variety of fruit flavors, provides a smooth and flavorful vaping experience. Each puff offers a subtle lemony aroma and beloved fruit notes. The Lemon Drop Ice series adds a hint of mint to the lemon base for a slightly cool twist.


1. Green Apple: Tangy green apple with a splash of lemonade iced up for that hot summer heat.

2. Banana: Sweet banana blended with a classic lemonade and a frosty finish.

3. Blueberry: Tart blueberries and lemonade poured over ice.

4. Double Lemon: A double hit of classic lemonade with an icy exhale.

5. Grape: Sweet purple grape and sour lemonade chilled to perfection.

6. Lychee: Tropical lychee and lemonade with a chilled exhale.

7. Mango: Rich mango nectar infused lemonade blended over ice with a frosty finish.

8. Peach: A perfect blend of fresh peach nectar and sour lemonade now served up over a tall glass of ice. 

9. Pink: The classic flavour is back with this perfect balance of pink lemonade doused with a smooth chilled exhale. 

10. Punch: The rainbow never tasted better than this new blend of classic red fruit punch lemonade now with a nice cold kick.

11. Strawberry: A perfectly picked strawberry frozen solid and served up with a splash of lemonade.

12. Watermelon: A classic watermelon lemonade served over ice with a perfectly cool exhale.

13. Wild Berry: A secret blend of wild berries and a classic lemonade base is back and chilled to perfection.

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