Flow Pods

Flavour :
Beyond Strawberry
Blueberry party
Jasmine Tea
Grapefruit Lemonade
Ice Cola
Magical Cantaloupe
Mandarin Soda
Mango Shaved Ice
Mixed Apple Juice
Mung Bean Slush
Oolong Blade
Orange Americano
Passion Fruit
Peach Oolong
Peanuts Smoothies
Perfect Soy Milk
Pineapple Sundae
Pocari Power
Roasted Barley Tea
Rose Lychee
Sea Salt Coffee
Snow Pear and Rock Sugar
Taro Ice Cream
Tipsy Grape Wine
Watermelon Blade
Lemon Slush

 You’ve seen them on the news; your coworkers, friends and family won't stop talking about them; now FLOW Starter Kit and FLOW mini vape pens are officially available WORLDWIDE!

FLOW starter kits are equipped with a premium vape pen pod system and flavor pods that’ll blast your taste buds! FLOW pod systems can go for a whole day on one charge; a single FLOW pod will last you as long as TWO packs of cigarettes. There’s a reason why FLOW is the only true PREMIUM pod system vape pen!

Each FLOW Iced Watermelon Pod contains 1.5ml of delicious flavor juice, delivers 20mg/ml of nicotine content and lasts 350-640 puffs (that's approximately 2 packs of cigarettes)! There's a reason why FLOW is the best selling pod system vape pen in Asia, get yours NOW!

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