Flow Device Pro

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FLOW Starter Kit( 1 Device 1 Pod)

FLOW Starter kit (1 Device 1 Pod) is lightweight (20 g or half a hamburger bun), leak-free (4-tiered leak-proof design), waterproof (nano-coating), inhale activated and lasts all day (charges in less than 40 min); it also vibrates after 15 puffs to track your usage! The starter kit comes with one flavor pods: fresh mint. FLOW is made by smartphone maker Smartisan and safety tested for the EU, US, CA, etc. it's also the best selling pod system vape pen in Asia! Get yours FLOW vape NOW!  

No far, no secondhand smoke

Smart, Smooth and Waterproof

Go with the FLOW and free youself from traditional cigaretts. Smoke any time, anywhere, without bothering those around you(no lighter required)

 FLOW Pod Vape gives you peace of mind by tracking your intake

"One cigarette"function, vibrates after every 15puffs.

Puff to start, instant vaporization

Pick it up and puff away

Suction-activated using pressure sensors(no buttons)

No need to wait, vape away in milliseconds with our ultra fast vaporization technology

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