COOLMAX Prefilled Pods - Icy Flavors Vape Pod Compatible Relx

Flavours :

Capacity: 2mL each pod

Coil Resistance: Ceramic Coil

Package: 3pcs/pack

Nicotine Strenghth: 2% Nicotine

Interface Type: R-style Compatible

CoolMax Prefilled Pod makes a grand entrance! While there is an increasing variety of disposable flavors available, there has always been a scarcity of pods that truly deliver an ultimate ice-cold sensation. If you've been troubled by this, look no further, as CoolMax's pods take the spotlight, offering a diverse range of icy-cold flavor choices for your vape device.

With CoolMax Prefilled Pods, you'll be able to indulge in an unparalleled rush of excitement and chilling explosion of flavors. It's the ultimate choice for those who crave the most intense and refreshing icy-cool sensations. Bid farewell to the monotony of traditional flavors and embrace CoolMax Prefilled Pods to embark on an ultimate ice-cold flavor exploration journey!

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