Cotton pods vs. Ceramic pods


If you’re considering vaping or are new to vaping, then you may have questions. Usually, one of the basic questions curious smokers have is: “How do vape devices work?”

Vape devices work in a similar way to humidifiers. A liquid is heated and then vaporized.

structure of vape pen

RELX devices are built with sophisticated technology to deliver a phenomenal vaping experience. Some key components of the vape device are the battery, flavour pod and atomizer.  

The whole process happens in a few seconds. The moment you inhale, the sensor on the device triggers the power output to activate the atomizer to begin heating up the e-liquid, which is then quickly vaporized for you to inhale. No ashes, no tar and best of all, no bad smells as compared to smoking cigarettes.

What is an atomizer?

During the vaping process, heat needs to be generated to vaporize e-liquid. An atomizer contains the heating elements needed for the vaporization process to work. The atomizer is located inside the flavour pod. 

Each time you change the flavour pod, you are starting with a fresh atomizer. Some vapers have issues with leaking, but with a new atomizer swapped out every few days, the risk of leaking is lower compared to open-system devices. And to find out why some devices leak e-liquid, you can check out this post

For the RELX Pod Pro, we use ceramic in the atomizer as the wick to soak up the e-liquid. And, in the newly released RELXPods, we are using cotton fibers in the atomizer. 

Both atomizers have their own benefits, so let’s break it down and focus on the RELX Pod Pro first.

RELX Pod Pro

As mentioned above, the RELX Pod Pro is equipped with a ceramic atomizer. As you know, the atomizer vaporizes the e-liquid, so why ceramic? 

Ceramic can be heated at high temperatures and is also porous. In the flavour pod, the e-liquid evenly soaks into the ceramic, and once you inhale, the atomizer instantly heats to the right temperature and is evenly distributed. So each puff keeps a degree of flavour consistency from the first to the last puff. 

The RELX Pod Pro completely unlocks the full-bodied flavour. This works well with certain flavours that are best experienced in their full taste. 

For example, if you’re trying Fresh Red with the RELX Pod Pro, you will notice the flavour comes all at once and fills your mouth. The flavour profile for Fresh Red is pure with bold notes and the RELX Pod Pro is a perfect match to unlock its full and authentic flavour.


RELXPods are equipped with a cotton wick in the atomizer. The raw cotton fibers soak in the e-liquid and are heated without burning to vapourize the e-liquid. 

So why cotton? 

Actually, it’s all about the experience. 

When vaping with a cotton atomizer, the heat gradually rises and the vapour is slightly warmer. Unlike a ceramic atomizer which heats the e-liquid all at once to release a full-flavour, the RELXPods or the atomizers with cotton fibers, deliver the flavour layer-by-layer. 

The vapour is pleasant and warm with each puff unlocking every flavour detail. For flavours which have been crafted to release different flavour notes, RELXPods offer a more dynamic experience. 

For example, at the first puff of Rich Tobacco, you will taste the nutty notes and then the flavour opens up with smokiness. Each puff will deliver a new experience. 

It’s All Up to You

Whether you want to use the RELX Pod Pro or the RELXPod, both are available to be used as a RELX Essential pod and as a RELX Infinity pod. And of course, both are going to provide a great experience every time you vape. 

At RELX, we know our flavours, which is why certain flavours will be released in the RELX Pod Pro and the others in the RELXPod. Each flavour we release is crafted to deliver a more authentic taste and pleasant experience.   

No matter the atomizer or the flavour you choose, each puff will be Super Smooth™. RELX’s proprietary technology equips our vape devices to provide a phenomenal mouthfeel. 

Try both types of pods and discover which is your preferred choice.

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